Email is dead, long live Texting!

Email is dead, long live Texting!

Many of us in the marketing department have been trying to reach prospects and customers by email since time began.  The problem is that response rates (opening, reading and taking action) are droping like a stone.  On average an email is only opened, even by someone who knows you 8-11% of the time. And response rates are under 2%.  But text messaging (also known as SMS) can get as much as a 95% open rate.help_1_13.pngAccording to a study posted on reuters.com, “sending three or more purposeful text messages after contact has been made with a prospect can increase conversion rates by 328 percent.”

The open rate for text messages hovers around 95 percent, so it’s likely that if someone receives a text, it will be read…(Ecommerce Times Study)

help_1_23.pngThink about all the spam filters and other gotcha’s that email has… a cell phone with a text message to an interested party has none of that.

In the auto industry, take a look at Edmunds new Text Service offering CarCode great sales app… limited to a chat thing but still very cool.

This month we are releasing our newest service to auto dealer’s called TextDetails *

Our new service is designed for the dealer salesperson*.  As a logged in user you can create templates of links and text that can be set up in a dropdown menu so when you hang up the phone with someone you can simply enter the cell phone number of that person and choose one of the templates and fire it off to them – instantly.

Templates could be:

  • Links to a listing or video
  • Business contact information
  • Reviews of your business
  • Prequalification forms
  • Follow up surveys
  • Appointment confirmation and setting
  • Links to reviews and special offer pages

Here is what one of our dealer/customer’s of 7 years has to say about the release of our new serivce:

“We feel that the new texting template service from TextDetails offers our sales team features that will catapult us to the next level in the auto industry. We are able to send out marketing materials and get instant feedback from our customers all from the smart phones that our staff carry around with them all day. The system has a built in review function that pushes the positive responses straight to our social media avenues. The possibilities seem endless as to how we can utilize the websites services. Torrey and his team have been great with accommodating us with the ideas we have had.”

Lee Bort, GM Auto Sales and Finance, Amarillo, TX

*NOTE: we have Real Estate, Insurance and other industry specific versions of this service as well.

Take a minute and look at our new offering.  You can try this program completley free no credit card is required when you sign up.


Torrey Russell