The TextDetails drip-marketing engine is a stand alone tool that can be imbedded into the HFSRE Text-to-Broker text-overlay-video service. This is an additional add-on feature to the basic service.

Learn more about: HFSRE Text-to-Broker Video)

TextDetails offers the following feature set.

  • With a smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet computer a user can text or email preset “templates” of information to someone’s cell phone instantly.
  • The Agent chooses from a list of preset templates of ideas and links that can be used repeatedly without extensive typing.
  • TextDetails is automatically connected to any Text-to-Broker lead message for message follow and drip marketing templates.
  • When Agents are sending a prospective buyer a template they are also capturing the prospects information in the process.

Combined with the HFSRE service of Text-to-Broker text code overlay, Agents can also integrate follow up steps into contacting prospective buyers who have indicated an interest in a particular property.

With TextDetails users text these messages from our service by:

  • Entering / choosing a phone number.
  • Choosing a template.
  • Hit send.

Each template can include a series of steps spread out over hours, days or weeks.
Steps may include:

  1. An offer to set up phone conference with a link to schedule it.
  2. A blog post about, “The steps of buying a house.”
  3. Documents and links to forms to qualify for a mortgage.
  4. A blog post on, “How to evaluate a property for purchase or investment.”

Each group of templates can be scheduled to rollout a series of marketing messages that can be released over a series of hours, days or weeks to help stay in touch with a prospective buyer though the buying process.

Watch this video for more detail on how the TextDetails service works.

Why TextDetails:

  • Texting cuts through the email clutter and provides a way to reach someone on their cell phone instantly.
  • There is no spam filter for texting.
  • Send people preset template texts straight from your phone to their phone instantly.
  • Email of what you texted is sent to you after every text.
  • Store notes about events.
  • Integrates with the Text-to-Broker features of HFSRE.

Text links and info on the fly.

  • Send feedback surveys.
  • Appointments Set Up links.
  • Financial Qualification Forms.

Does not use your SMS service of your phone – We provide everything.

Premium features include:

  • Broadcast your message to groups.
  • Autoresponder. Text KEYWORD to Phone Number to receive back link for use with TV, radio and print ads or during presentations to group audiences.
  • Communicate with a portfolio of contacts using your cell phone.
  • Complete Calendar, Social Media Survey posting and Integration with MailChimp, Paypal, Stripe and other CRM programs like BASE.

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