Text versus Email Marketing Report

Texting vs Email Marketing success

For marketers, email has become a tried-and-true staple in the arsenal to reach customers and prospects en masse. It’s dependable and it works. However, as the use of mobile phones has become more ubiquitous, SMS Marketing (also known as Text Marketing) is quickly turning into another great way to quickly connect with customers.

For email marketing, the average click-through rate is relatively low, with only 2.78% of subscribers (Mailchimp study) clicking on an offer within an email, according to Marketing Insider Group.

Text messaging offers some promising alternatives, however.

Gartner data shows that response rates on phones are as high as 45-98%, while the global average open rate for SMS texts is 94%.

With a plethora of tools and services available for marketers to run campaigns over SMS, text marketing is now easier and more accessible than ever. All phones today also support MMS (Multimedia Message Service), allowing you to enhance your messages with images, video and other multimedia.

A well-constructed marketing program will offer multiple steps where you’ll need to decide if it’s better to text your recipient or if sending an email does the trick. Or maybe a combination of the two is the right mix. Let’s take a look at what sets these two communication methods apart, with a specific focus on why marketers are increasingly adding including Text Marketing to their marketing digital and mobile strategies…READ MORE about how to use Texting and Email in your marketing campaigns.

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