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The largest purchase-influencer for a consumer, before they commit to a new automobile,  is knowing what their friends, family and co-workers are saying (Word-of-Mouth 74%).  This “path to purchase” takes many twists and turns to completion and uses many social media sites along the way.  The icarsandtrucks process posts your current customer’s positive remarks for their downstream network to enjoy while intercepting negative reviews before they ever get online.

Social Media NetworksThe average person on Facebook has 249 connections of friends, family and co-workers.

Every time someone posts something on their wall (such as a like, or a review of a company) 20% of their network will see that post.

Social Media Remark Management is about using the power of Word-of-Mouth in the digital age to broadcast to a current client’s network how they feel about your product or service.

Using the iCarsandTrucks process you can ask for feedback from your current customer and those offering positive reviews are then asked to post that review on their favorite social media site.

Negative reviews are intercepted and instantly texted to the store manager so that they can deal with the issues the customer has prior to them going online and writing a negative review.


*Studies about why you should be posting User Generated Content on the web.