Car buying consumers have become very savvy in their use of Internet tools and services to identify both the dealership that has the specific vehicle they want and that dealer’s reputation before walking in the door.convert social media interest into leads

Our service combines the process of creating a positive reputation on the web for a dealership along with the ability to find the desired inventory currently for sale.


1. Posting to YouTube: Our system starts by taking your current inventory and turns each vehicle’s images and information into a video.

2. Once a vehicle is sold, we survey the buyer and post only positive replies to the dealer’s social media pages automatically.

3.  Create YouTube video of review.  Once the positive reply is available we combine the images of the purchased vehicle and overlay them with the car-buyers remarks creating another YouTube video for search engines to find and index supporting the dealer’s positive reputation in the marketplace.

4. The remarks gain significant SEO for the dealership and help in having the dealership standout in category searches such as “used car dealer” or other similar searches in local market searches.

social media networkThe icarsandtrucks end-to-end process uses the latest SEO methods to make sure your vehicle listings are posting high on search engines so they can be easily found and combine that with a reputation-management service to help the consumer to make a buying decision in your favor.


Our program is:

  • $499 a month for the first rooftop.
  • Each additional rooftop is $299 up to 5.
  • 6+ rooftops – call for pricing.

The program is billed automatically to your credit card month-to-month.  The costs include any set up fees or help to set up social media sites.  Support is included for email and phone from 8:30am to 5:30pm PST.  This program may be cancelled at any time with 30-days notice. This service is provided as is.  icarsandtrucks or its parent company cannot be responsible for social media sites changing posting rules without notice.  Abuse of the system is grounds for cancellation of the program at our discretion.Social Media Remark Management Services


To set up your account and get started go here: http://hfsre.remarkingit.com/register/

If you are already registered you can log into your Account here: Account Info

If you have questions about your subscription please contact us by email at services@icarsandtrucks.com