HFSRE (Homes For Sale Real Estate) Introduction

Real Estate professionals are constantly in motion. Moving around their market working with multiple people trying to bring one of their prospective home shoppers into the closing-room to work up the numbers. Usually all they have is their smartphone in their pocket. The computer on their desk only gets occasional visits. With our Text-to-Broker tool Real Estate Brokers can now offer their agents a way to communicate important information to their potential home buyers while capturing valuable cellphone contact information to start the sales process as they are talking to them. The HSFRE service is based on our TextDetails technology engine providing an automated drip marketing tool for Brokers and Agents to use while in the field and on the phone.

There are two distinct features of the HFSRE service.

  1. An automated YouTube video service that has a text-to-broker overlay with unique text codes on each listing.
  2. Watch HFSRE Text-To-Broker Video

  3. TextDetails Text-based Marketing System is the basis for the HSFRE service providing an add-on automated drip-marketing program.
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To get started with our service:

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The “Text to Broker” service provides a way for Agents to put a unique text code overlay on every YouTube video through our automated process. Each time the consumer texts the specific text code found on a listing yard sign – the message goes directly to the listing Agent’s smartphone and the prospective home buyer is directed to a custom landing page with more information on that specific listing.

Text Codes are generated for each listing in the inventory and are available for use on street signs, door hangers and in FREE Real Estate magazine publications found at 7-11 and Tim Horton type outlets.

The entire Text to Broker system is automated and is the first step in using our completely integrated TextDetails Pro drip-marketing service. Part two offers a complete texting and email marketing system to develop “Triggered Messaging Events” or what is known in a more simple form as “Drip Marketing”.

TextDetails stand alone service allows brokers to create templates of marketing messages and links to “drip market” communications to their prospective list of home buyers using a simple text message or email process. The text message service runs on any computing device allowing bulk marketing messages to go to thousands of prospects in the click of a mouse. (All text messaging costs of texting are included with the service.)

Automated Text Message Marketing

Move prospective buyers through a series of marketing steps using texting as the messaging service instead of email to communicate directly to them. There is no spam filter when using Text Messaging.
  • TextDetails provides a complete CRM tool that runs both on a smartphone, desktop or tablet. Simple effective tools to provide information like web links, qualification forms, follow up notices and after sale social surveys.
  • Premium add-ons include Keyword Auto Responders, Broadcast Marketing using Text Messaging, Integration with MailChimp Email and vanity telephone numbers.
TextDetails is a standalone tool that integrates with the Text-to-Broker text overlay feature included in our general service of creating YouTube videos

(learn more: Watch TextDetails Video)