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HFSRE (Homes For Sale Real Estate) YouTube video service.
HFSRE – Homes For Sale Real Estate converts MLS listings into YouTube videos.

NEW Text Overlay add-on provides a way for Brokers to receive active text leads from interested home buyers watching their YouTube videos. Follow up with Text Templates of information and links from your Smartphone to walk people through the closing process.

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HFSRE Video Service offers two main features.

  • Take MLS feed of listings each night and generate a video with audio and a slide-show of the images of the listing and posts those videos to your YouTube account each night.
  • Create a text overlay code that is unique to each listing and posted along with the video so that when someone texts that code to the provided phone number it will send them a link with the video.

HFSRE uses our exclusive “TextDetails” service which uses an automated process to create YouTube videos with a “text to broker” overlay text-code and phone number which provides a way for consumers to request more information about a property listing and instantly notify the listing agent at the brokerage of that interest.

Text Code On Yard Sign

Once the prospective home buyer information is captured, our automated Text Based marketing system allows for the Agent to walk them through the various stages of engagement.

The Video Generation and text overlay features are part of the basic program for our HFSRE. TextDetails full service allows Real Estate Professionals to create templates of marketing messages and links to “drip market” communications to their prospect list of home buyers using a simple text message process.  The text message service runs on any computing device allowing bulk marketing messages to go to thousands of prospects in the click of a mouse.

TextDetails moves prospective buyers through a series of marketing steps using texting as the messaging service instead of email to communicate directly to them. There is no spam filter when using Text Messaging.

Features include:

  • Capture prospect information from YouTube videos, door hangers or from Real Estate magazine ads.
  • Send links of any listing as a YouTube video along with Listing broker information by Text.
  • Create TEXT templates on your Smartphone, iPad/Tablet or Desktop PC.
  • Create a series of automated drip marketing processes to move prospects through the sales process.
  • Use Text Auto Responder for TV and Radio Ads.
  • Appointment setting.
  • Follow up and After Sale – Social Media survey tools.
  • Email copy  sent to the listing agent after every text.
  • Store notes about events.
  • Communicate with a portfolio of contacts using your cell phone – Autoresponder & Broadcast Text features.


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